Nestled on Costa Rica's southern Pacific coast, Matapalo is a haven of natural beauty, boasting pristine beaches and lush rainforests. The town's charm lies in its tranquil atmosphere and commitment to sustaina...

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9 Bed | 11 Bath | 204044 sq m
Hotel / Leisure, Cabo Matapalo, Puntarenas
18 Bed | 13 Bath | 12222 sq m
Hotel / Leisure, Cabo Matapalo, Puntarenas
16 Bed | 7 Bath | 13000 sq m
Hotel / Leisure, Cabo Matapalo, Puntarenas

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About Matapalo

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Real Estate in Matapalo Costa Rica

Matapalo's appeal extends beyond its natural wonders to a vibrant local culture and welcoming expatriate community. The culinary scene combines traditional Costa Rican flavors with international influences, creating a delightful dining experience. Residents engage in a variety of outdoor activities, from world-class surfing to hiking through rainforests, fostering a lifestyle that prioritizes mindfulness, wellness, and a strong sense of community. With its warm climate, breath-taking scenery, and harmonious blend of nature and culture, Matapalo epitomizes a fulfilling and balanced way of life.

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